Quarterback Queen (Drama Book)

Quarterback Queen (Drama Book)

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Author: Gary Whitmore

Pages: 166

Book Description

Rocky Malone was the superstar quarterback for the Bellwood College Panthers football team. He had one fault and that is, he hated gays with a passion. He often harassed Stefon Jackson a gay student at Bellwood. So two sleazy students named Ernie and Mitch concocted a plan to win on gambling some money on the big State Championship game. So they trick Rocky into drinking a Witches Brew that turned him gay and he lost his superstar quarterback qualities. It’s now up to Rocky’s girlfriend, Mindy, Red Maple and gay student Stefon raced against time to locate a reverse Witche's potion before the State Championship game time.


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Quarterback Queen (Drama Book)

Quarterback Queen (Drama Book)

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